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Anonymous asked:

hi, I would like to request for you to take the Last Heaven video down. It is very disrespectful for the band because it is meant for people who bought the Sony Walkman player, not for everyone else. If you really are such a big fan of gazette as you CLAIM to be, you would respect their wishes.

Eh… no.

the GazettE - LAST HEAVEN (PV)


08/31 Aoi made an appearance at the 「stylish wave ILLUSION’14」event (which there were some clues of)

 • He played to 2 songs, hide’s Rocket Dive and Pink Spider.

 • He wore the same outfit and hair from the Club Zy shoot

 • He said he was a bit tired because of having waited since 12.

 • He also changed his bio thanking people who came to the show.

Other acts included Nocturnal Bloodlust, D=OUT, Kiryu, R-Shitei, Moran and DIAURA.

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