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"Japanese pop rock, british boysband or Bonus BGC"

" ‘Głos’s’ readers chose artists which they’d want to see on Inea Stadium. Their choice is quite surprising"

A japanese band called “the GazettE” got 4349 votes in our internet poll: ”Who should perform on Inea Stadium?”

It’s really surprising result for a band which is totally absent in polish music news and press. On the other hand, the win of those Japanese people is vivid evidence of internet’s and social medias’ powerful strength. Polish fans gather themselves on internet’s groups like forums or sites on facebook. Admins of page called “Polish the GazettE’s fans” were mobilizing other fans to vote for a band all the time. 

GazettE’s music is characterised by considerable eclectizm. The band formed in 2002, uses elements of, inter alia, rock, heavy metal but also hip hop or electronics in their songs. 

(2 next paragraphs about other artists and votes)

Will concert’s agencies take into considerations choices from our poll? Time will tell.

(btw tell me if there are any mistakes, i’ll fix them)

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